Health Check

We have a range of services specifically tailored to and focussed on the needs of the family and family business, supported by the full range of services offered by the firm.

We undertake reviews of:

  • the business structure and financials
  • wills and powers of attorney of key family members
  • agreements the family may have in place, such as an investor or shareholder agreements
  • family structures, trust deeds and constitutions
  • superannuation and insurances
  • intellectual property
  • workplace relations and OH&S compliance

Our recommendations take into account the following perspectives:

  • income and capital gains tax minimisation and exposures
  • business and personal liability and risk
  • asset protection
  • business succession
  • personal succession
  • recommendations for the improvements in efficiency and the operations of the family within the business

We will meet and engage with all family members, including those involved in the business and those outside the business, and prepare a report based on their opinions, desires, goals and aspirations both personally and for the business of all family members.