Family Office

Families with larger businesses, greater resources or which have perhaps been in business longer and accumulated greater wealth, establish what is known as a family office. A family office is established to provide services to family members, whether or not they are involved in the family business incorporating a potentially wide range of activities, which may include:

  • provision of office facilities including quiet spaces for students to study
  • investment advice
  • employees of the family office, or an approved range of service providers appointed by and whose provision of services is managed by a family office provide:
    • financial advice
    • accounting services
    • insurance broking services
    • legal services
  • management of leased properties
  • acquisition of properties
  • stockbroking
  • what are known as concierge services, including travel arrangements, insurances etc
  • selection of preferred providers for goods and services to the family in such areas as telecommunications, motor vehicles, electricity and gas services, housekeeping and the general services needed for the operation of a household.